Explore Patagonia: Discover wildlife in its natural habitat


Discover the wild Patagonia

Enjoy a unique experience in Patagonia, get to know the wildlife and impressive landscapes that make it the eighth wonder of the world. Our highly experienced and passionate local guides will take you on an unforgettable tour where you will discover the natural richness of the region.

With vast experience in protecting this natural heritage, our guides are experts in identifying and observing unique species of Patagonia. With them, you’ll have the opportunity to delve deeply into the ecosystem and its importance in conserving endangered species. Join us on this adventure and discover wild Patagonia in an authentic and responsible way!

Explore the Torres del Paine

Discover the wildlife of Patagonia with our expert guides. Puma observation, bird watching, and unique landscapes on an authentic and responsible tour.


Spot the Patagonian puma in its natural habitat


Discover unique species of Patagonian birds in their natural habitat


Walk through impressive landscapes in search of wildlife in their natural habitat

Wildlife photography

Capture the most impressive moments of Patagonian fauna and flora

Our Staff

José Vargas Muñoz

Here’s the translation of the text:

“José, Wayaja’s son, at 35 years old, decided to follow in his father’s footsteps. He has worked his entire life within the Torres del Paine National Park, previously with groups on horseback rides and for the past 6 years, he has been collaborating with his father in the observation and conservation of pumas. José is a great tracker and has an enviable eye for finding pumas!

By the way, he is also known as Wayaja.”

Karen Manosalva Acosta

Born in Santiago, she met her current husband in Torres del Paine and decided to join this adventure by formalizing Wayajapuma in 2015. Since then, the path of being an entrepreneur has been tough and challenging, but her goal is clear: to educate the community and passengers about the wildlife, especially the Puma, in Torres del Paine and its surroundings. She is our operations manager and responsible for the environmental education part of our SME. We are highly committed to providing quality education, and she is our fundamental part in delivering this knowledge to children, especially to the youngest member of the Wayaja clan, Renato. They are the future! Karen is the person who will guide you through the steps to make a reservation and will send you the logistics.

Raphael Stevens Martinez Rauld

Raphael o Rafa for us, joined the team in 2018, he arrived as an intern from Santiago, with a backpack full of dreams and a desire to learn.

We taught him in the field and at home everything we knew about this beautiful place and about the Pumas, now Wayajapuma would not be the same without him, he is a fundamental part of our logistics and service, our star guide.


José Vargas Sandoval

José, better known as Wayaja, is the oldest puma tracker in Patagonia. With over 25 years of experience, he has dedicated his life to raising awareness about this feline and encouraging people to care for and protect it. Passionate about his work, he has achieved great accomplishments as a guide, working closely with companies like BBC and National Geographic, as well as national TV programs like La Odisea de Tvn and Chile Conectado.

With vast experience in puma tracking, a friendly demeanor and a good sense of humor, Wayaja captivates tourists who work with him.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have experienced guides, communication via radio, a first aid kit, and emergency protocols.

If you enjoy calmness and cold weather, your ideal season is winter, if you prefer wind and more pleasant climate, summer is your option.

No, previous experience is not required, as each experience is conducted with the consent of the participants.

Yes, specific birdwatching expeditions can be arranged.

It includes transportation and snacks if requested by the customer, specialized guide, and observation equipment.

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